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1.29 lakh iPhone 14 Pro will be cheaper, when you will know the price of iPhone in this country

New Delhi. Buying an iPhone is a luxury in itself. The same if you buy the top variant of the latest launch iPhone 14, then you will have to pay Rs 1,29,900. In such a situation, it is reasonable that you may find the iPhone 14 expensive in India. But there are many such countries in the world, where iPhone is being sold for twice the price of India. Where yes, the 128 GB model of iPhone 14 Pro, which is sold in India for Rs 1.29 lakh, will be sold in Turkey for Rs 1,74,000. Whereas its 1 TB variant costs Rs 2.32 lakh.

In which country is the price of iPhone 14 highest?
iPhone 14 is already expensive. But Turkey is the only country in the world where iPhone 14 will be sold at the most expensive price. Brazil is the second country in the world after Turkey, where the iPhone 14 will be available for sale at the highest price. The price of iPhone 14 in Brazil is Rs 1,18,500. While the other three models 128 GB model costs Rs 1,34,000. The same 256 GB model will come for Rs 1,48,000. While the price of 512 GB model is Rs 1,63,500.

India is the third most expensive iPhone country

The same India ranks third in the list of countries with the most expensive iPhones. If you want to buy the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro in the world, then this deal will be available in the US only. Simply put, the iPhone can be bought in the US for the lowest price.

iphone 14 price in india

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  • The starting price of the entry level iPhone 14 in India is Rs 79,900. Here is the price of the 128GB variant. While the price of 256GB variant is Rs 89,900. While the price of 512GB variant is Rs 1,09,000.
  • You will be able to buy 128GB variant of iPhone 14 Plus for Rs 89,900. While the 256GB variant will come for Rs 99,900. The price of the same 512GB variant is Rs 1,19,900.
  • The 128 GB variant of iPhone 14 Pro costs Rs 1,29,900. The 256GB variant will come for Rs 1,39,900. While the 512GB variant will be available for Rs 1,59,000. The same 1TB variant will come for Rs 1,79,900.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max The 128 GB model will come for Rs 1,39,900. The 256 GB model comes for Rs 1,49,900. While the 1TB model costs Rs 1,89,900.


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